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To win one hundred victories
IS NOT the highest skill.

the enemy without fighting
IS the highest skill.

  SHODOKAN is now celebrating our 50th year as a non-profit Martial Arts Center at our new facility in Beverly, Massachusetts. We always welcome your visit!

   Starting in 1962 on the three pillars of modern Japanese Martial Arts - JUDO, KARATE, and AIKIDO - we have been able to encompass KENDO and the allied, complimentary art of ARNIS.

   ALL arts have dedicated instructors, each with a minimum of 10 years TEACHING experience. This allows members to "cross train" while majoring in ONE art. Although we maintain a friendly, club-like Dojo, no compromise is made in the Traditional SELF-DEVELOPMENT GOAL of Martial Arts Training based upon Courtesy, Respect, and Discipline.

   There is More to training in a Traditional Dojo than the mere acquisition of techniques.

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