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About Beginner Classes
Kendo is a modern form of Japanese sword fighting based on the ancient Japanese warrior "Samurai" martial technique.

You are a total beginner of kendo. You have to take the basic class until you are ready to join the regular class. 

We welcome beginners the first Saturday of every month.

The first class will be free, but if you are going to take the class, we ask you to commit to 3 months payment in advance.

Please contact the dojo for more information.

Saturday 8:00am to 9:00 am

FEE - New members
Age 18 up: $120 (Joining Fee $15 + Class Fee $35 x 3 months)
Age 12 to17 & Students: $90(Joining Fee $15 + Class Fee $25 x 3 months)

If you’re a member of other arts at Shodokan: $30

You need to purchase your own kendo stick (shinai).
Ask at first class.

Please come see and feel the energy and spirit of modern samurai.